Charlie Bear, a 15 Years Old Dog Attended His Owners Wedding Just before He Died

Professional veterinarian Kelly OConnell wedded James Garvin on 1st September in Colorado, in a very emotional state of mind as her pet dog, namely Charlie Bear attended her wedding in spite of being terminally ill with a brain tumor.

Charlie was diagnosed with this tumor just a week prior to their wedding, so with a broken heart, she made the hardest decision to end his pain that they could not bear anymore.

But destiny had something else stored for Kelly, as Charlie started showing unlikely improvements which ultimately led to the cancellation of the clinical appointments that Kelly made.

OConnell expressed that her wedding was an emotional affair because Charlie made it to her wedding. Looking back at the wedding photographs, Charlie looked very happy and content. She could not believe that he would be making her special day even more special and memorable for the rest of her life with his presence.

It was back in her student life when Kelly first saw Charlie at an animal shelter. After some days, they both formed a quick bond and it was about time she adopted him and even took him while living with his fianci, James Garvin, a veterinarian.

Charlie had been a witness to her courtship with James, so she believes he wanted to attend her wedding anyway and it was his will power that allowed him to do so.

Charlie was put to eternal sleep on 9th September while he was surrounded by his loved ones. Kelly said that it was tough for all of them but whatever they did it was the best solution to his pain and suffering.

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